Freshen Up Your Home, Fast
Home DIY is Easier than ever with the Gyprock Rapid Repair Kit


We’ve all been there; a small ding in the wall as the kids kick the ball inside, or that unwelcomed dent from shopping being hauled through the house. Day-to-day living can soon see your home tire from wear and tear, with walls taking a hard knocking in the process. Whilst staying on top of home maintenance sounds daunting, the Gyprock Rapid Repair Kit is quick and simple to use, enabling you to patch any cracks, dents or holes, before re-painting and freshening up your home in just a few hours.


The only all-in-one kit on the market, the Gyprock Rapid Repair Kit offers a complete solution for all kinds of plasterboard repairs and is ideal for those day-to-day cosmetic repairs.


Five Simple Steps to Fresh Walls


  1. Prepare the Rapid Patch mixture

  2. Fill the hole with compound

  3. Apply a strip of Easy Tape to cover the hole (or the plasterboard pieces for larger holes)

  4. Apply two coats of compound over the tape

  5. Lightly sand ready for painting


Gyprock’s Rapid Repair Kit is available through Bunnings Warehouse – RRP: $26.27.


Gyprock has a range of products to help with DIY projects.

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  • Sand and finish joints
  • Repair a hole in your plasterboard
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