How do Australia’s best interior designers make walls to die for?

Walls present the perfect blank canvas to express your unique personality. In 2021 we will see walls providing the foundation for adding detail – curves, cornicing, shiplap, strapping, panelling, tiles or wallpaper – allowing you to turn simple into stunning and personalise your space. Kate Walker explains, “We are seeing beautiful new trends emerging for wall detailing with different finishes working beside a plain Gyprock wall to give the surface area some texture.”

“We love turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones and giving homes a whole new identity. On one of our projects, by adding wainscoting to a plain Gyprock hallway we created character that reflected the period detailing of a home.”

Archways are having a revival thanks to architects and designers adding curved doorways, rounded windows and arched mirrors to their projects. Arches offer a new way to add more organic shapes inside our homes, not only through archways but also through decorative patterns, furnishings and accessories with rounded edges and tubular forms.

“Angles all add interest to the structure of a room, and a stunning curved staircase can add a new dimension to a simple space. It just takes clever design and master craftsman to bring a vision to life,” says Kate.

Greg agrees, “During work on an Art Deco-inspired residence, I embraced the lines of the era in the interior architecture, taking the curved rectangular shape of the entrance and recreating it in the ceiling coffers, adding moulding for definition. The result is a restrained and elegant layer of detail that suits the house’s soft palette of blush pink, grey and white. Again, ensuring that the ceilings were part of the overall design, I echoed that shape throughout the house in cabinetry and mirrors, adding warmth via brass trims. It was also emulated through the custom staircase that continued the house’s story of curves.”

Want to boost your walls?

Gyprock has just launched the new Gyprock Living Simple to Stunning magazine with design tips to show how elevated design thinking coupled with great craftsmanship can take a basic building material like Gyprock and shape them into timeless, sophisticated architecture.

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