Gyprocks Top 5 Collaborators

Gyprock worked with some of the best names in building and renovation in 2020 and they each had their own unique and inventive ways of using Gyprock in their homes.

Soul Home

According to Simone, the key to creating the getaway sanctuary was all in the styling and choice of building materials required to get the look.

The interior is a warm white, supported by brass accents that offer a sleek, clean and understand look. An open-plan kitchen and living area provide a sociable place for guests to commune, with an outdoor dining area that can be enclosed if necessary, becoming an extension of the indoor space.

What was equally important to the look, though, was the durability of the building materials. “Holiday properties can’t be precious, and with The Pause, we wanted it to be a family-friendly getaway so selecting hard-wearing materials was at the forefront of my mind. We used Gyprock Superchek plasterboard throughout the whole house. Being a holiday rental property, durability and noise control were of utmost importance” says Simone.

Kyal and Kara

The main feature of this house was undoubtedly the helical staircase. This stunning staircase forms the centrepiece of the home’s living area, visible from the kitchen at one end of the house, and from the children’s loft at the other.

“I was pretty fascinated when the Gyprockers came and put that plaster coat on it just completely changed the vibe of it,” said Kara, “it felt like a sculpture.

The helical staircase is engineered in a helix around a central void, helping to create a feeling of openness and light, as though it were floating up to the ceiling.

Shelley Craft

Renovation superstar Shelley Craft wanted to complete this beach shack rejuvenation in record time and Gyprock and Cemintel were ready to help.

“With CSR we were able to choose products that not only complemented the old girl but gave her a new lease on life and at least another 70 years looking good.”

When it came to lining the interior, Shelley wanted to make sure that her home could withstand the rigours of a young family. She was pleased to discover that there is more to plasterboard than standard Gyprock. So for the living areas, hallways and bedrooms, Shelley chose the best on offer; Superchek.

Naomi Findlay

Veteran renovator Naomi Findlay’s latest project Carrington House holds a special place in her heart. With over 100 renovations under her belt, the derelict property in Newcastle, NSW, is undergoing a massive transformation at the hands of Findlay, the first section of which was completed in 2020.  Findlay and her team have been led to believe the home was originally constructed during the 1880s, starting life as a stone tailor’s cottage, and so the design inspiration pays homage to that fact.

“I wanted to adorn the Gyprock in jewels. I didn’t want plain walls. I’m wanting the actual home to feel like it’s being rebuilt and embraced,” says Findlay. “I feel like then, the home will 100 per cent give back to whoever is inside it.”

Three Birds 

After a nationwide search, Bonnie, Lana and Erin chose one lucky family to have their home completely renovated inside and out.

“One thing I don’t think people give enough attention to is working out what your walls and ceilings are going to be made of,” says Erin. “Choosing the right Gyprock for your walls and ceilings can make all the difference.”

Australia’s favourite renovators used a suite of Gyprock plasterboards to realise the rapid reno of this contemporary cottage in Sydney’s historic town of Windsor, utilising beautiful arches and curves throughout the home to create a sense of flowing continuity.

“We’ve used Gyprock Flexible to create the curve over our beautiful bench seat. It’s a fabulous product to work with, our builders found it very easy to create this curve, and can be used to for much tighter curves as well.”

Erin, Bonnie and Lana wanted this home to be both beautiful and durable, and they achieved this easily with the use of Superchek throughout the home.

“Make sure you pick the best Gyprock product for your home to set it up for the long term,” concludes Erin.

Gyprock have just as many exciting ambassador projects coming in 2021, with more from Shelley Craft, Three Birds and even AFL’s Patrick Dangerfield!

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