Lucky Number 13 for Three Birds Renovations as they create the perfect ‘Australian Staycation’ home

Over 1700 square metres of plasterboard lined the walls and ceilings of this palatial home in Sydney’s rural North West and its not hard to see where it’s all gone.

Grand high ceilings and oversized hallways greet you as you make your way past the Raffles-inspired front patio. Creating a sense of splendour, the large open space brings a definite sense of the outdoors.

Multiple ceiling heights were achieved throughout the renovation and to achieve this show stopping design feature, the Three Birds chose Gyprock Supaceil. Supaceil’s optimised core technology means longer spans and less joins, resulting in a sense of fluidity throughout.


“The beauty of this house is you’ve got so many ceiling heights” says Bonnie, creative director of the Three Birds. “You’ve got entrance then you drop down lower, then you go into the kitchen again and it’s raised.”

Instead of lining the sprawling master ensuite with wall to wall, floor to ceiling tiles, they chose instead to feature some TileCloud cross tiles on the main vanity wall as well as the shower and toilet alcoves. The remaining walls were lined with moisture-resistant Gyprock Aquachek plasterboard, making them safe and durable for a paint finish.

They kept one of the best surprises in store for the boy’s room, with a one-two punch of the boldly painted cornice/ceiling combo as well as a loft retreat. These spaces needed to be durable and able to contain the noise that goes along with boys, so they lined the walls with Gyprock Superchek

“Throughout this home, we used Gyprock Superchek to line the walls, and it comes in particularly handy for rooms where more noise control is desired” – Three Birds

Watch our Video to explore House 13!

Looking for more inspiration?

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