Cornices – The must-have design detail

Now the Three Birds Dream home with Rawson Homes has been revealed to the public in all its crisp white glory, it’s clear that it’s the details that make the difference – the finishes, the fittings and those extra layers of style that have turned this project home from simple to stunning.

One of those details is the choice of beautiful Gyprock Concerto cornices throughout the house, adding an extra touch of sophistication to all the rooms.

Elegant and subtle, Concerto features curves offset by rigid lines to give a more formal look and feel. It’s a luxurious element that finishes off the walls and ceilings in the home, serving as a beautiful frame for the decorative details throughout.

Architectural Touches

The Three Birds – Bonnie Hindmarsh, Lana Taylor and Erin Cayless – are famous for their distinctive white-on-white palette, which relies on architectural details such as curves, timberwork and cornices to create interest instead of colour.

The spectacular curved staircase in their latest project, created using Gyprock Flexible, is a great example of how the right building materials can provide the ‘wow’ factor in a home.

However, sometimes decorative elements can be more subtle. Often overlooked, cornices can add so much to a room. They draw the eye upwards and appear to lift the ceiling, making rooms appear bigger. In the Three Birds Dream Home with Rawson Homes, the cornices complement the skirting boards and architraves, resulting in a seamless design flow.

As with most of their previous projects, the Three Birds chose to paint walls, cornices and ceilings in the same colour throughout the house – this project it was Taubmans Brilliant White – which creates a harmonious, unified appearance, especially in connecting spaces such as the hallways and entry.

The Perfect Accessory

The addition of decorative cornices adds just the right amount of ornamentation to a room – subtle details that provides the finishing touch to a classic design aesthetic.

Indeed, cornices are the perfect accessory to tie your room’s look together.  Like adding a statement belt to a classic little black dress, choosing a decorative cornice such as Gyprock Concerto adds that extra layer of style and detail to any room.

And, while upgrading to the curves of Concerto from standard cornices in your home seems a decadent touch, it is also extremely affordable. An upgrade comes at just a small additional cost – a great example of minimum spend for maximum effect.

Gyprock Concerto is definitely the way to hit the high notes of design.

Looking for more inspiration?

The Gyprock Living Cornice Inspiration Palettes can show you how to incorporate cornice into a variety of gorgeous interior designs. You can even use the Gyprock Living Cornice Visualiser to see how different cornices work in different spaces!

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