Stunning Studios and Garage

A multi-purpose space presents as many opportunities as it does challenges. They need to be well equipped enough to serve their purpose but not so specific that they cannot be used for a variety of needs.

The Blockheads all included two main things in their studios this week; a kitchenette and a bathroom. How they chose to arrange and furnish the rest was entirely up to them, leading to a wide variety of visions within the five studio/garage spaces. All the contestants were faced with the same challenge of figured out the arrangement of kitchen/bathroom/living within a space with vaulted ceilings.

Sarah and George made their studio stand out from the pack by adding a laundry, making it a truly self-contained apartment. This scored big points with the judges who loved the combination of form and function and saw them take out the win.

To ward off a sense of claustrophobia as well as let in natural light, every studio had an abundance of skylights. Harry, the King of skylights obviously had the most with 8 while Luke and Jasmine mimicked their round theme in their main bathroom with circular skylights throughout their studio.

Jimmy and Tam set their garage apart from the others by including a gym area complete with weights and cardio equipment, reacting to the Covid induced trend of spending much more working time at home.

Watch the video below to see Norm and Jess’ hot take on the studios.

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