Stunning Design Features that Bring a Bedroom, to Life

How The Block contestants combine architectural period features with modern-day living

Everyone’s favourite renovating series is back and in this series of The Block, five houses are being built showcasing house styles over the five decades from 1910 to 1950. With a focus on bringing the eras to life through choice of building materials, decorative elements and furnishings, there’s a focus on ceiling and wall detailing as adapted by the trend of the time.

When renovating a home with a particular era in mind, there are ways to respect the character of the property, preserving the past while allowing for modern day living. Even the smallest of touches and interesting design features that stay true to the era can help set the scene.

This year’s Blockheads have chosen the versatility of plasterboard from Gyprock to inspire their different visions and curate each room elevating them from dull to dazzling. Incorporating decorative plasterboard elements such as ceiling roses and ornate cornices to enhance and define the space of the heritage style homes, has added charm and elegance.

Shelley Craft, presenter on The Block was on the scene helping the teams with their styling decisions, reminding them that in these period homes “it’s a careful combination of a renovation and a restoration”. Jasmin, from House 4 who is working on a house from the 1910 period agreed with Shelley, adding, “I want to bring in ceiling roses but also make the room modern.”

Dressing up a room by adding intricate detailing and a layer of premium design with ceiling roses that include bold, daring patterns and a wide array of elaborate flowers and vine like patterns brings back touches of the 1920’s. Using CSR Gyprock Cornice HOP202 to create a stylishly formal, luxe look and feel to the bedrooms, the addition of picture rails, two-toned painted walls and plush bed linens also succeed in blending the period design of the home with a touch of modernity.

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During the Art Deco period of the 1940’s to 1950’s, bold, streamlined shapes with clean geometric lines emerged with various shapes, such as triangles and diamonds, replacing the excessive decoration of previous styles. Contestants Daniel and Jade, from House 3 (photo right) show how these custom, bespoke plasterboard castings by Gyprock, marry with other traditional architectural features to tell the home’s story and rich cultural heritage.

The trick to choosing the right ceiling rose is to consider the ceiling height and room size, and to match the smaller and larger diameters with the same patterns. You can select from different periods styles to suit your home or you can also choose by a particular design which helps if you are trying to match a cornice style or pattern in a room. Gyprock offers a range of cornice profiles to suit classic or contemporary house styles that can easily blend with popular skirting boards, architraves and other fixtures and fittings to create consistency in the details.

For contestants, Jimmy and Tam, working on the later era of the 50’s, we see understated styling and cornices replaced with sleek shadow lines,concealed curtain rails, and skylights highlighting the versatility of Gyprock plasterboard and bringing simplicity and modernism to the forefront. The use of wallpaper and soft, delicate furnishings achieve the perfect design balance and synergy, and attain the overall period aesthetic.

The Block contestants have successfully shown it’s the small details that count when using decorative features to combine the old with the new and play up the personality of the home.

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