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It’s with good reason that the kitchen is regarded universally as the heart of the home. These days, the hardest-working room in the house is so much more than simply a serviceable space in which to cook and clean-up.

For most of us, the kitchen is the epicentre of our abode. It’s the ever-on-show and in-use domain where we congregate whilst preparing daily sustenance for our immediate clan, lunches or dinners for extended family and friends, or even a festive spread for special-occasion gatherings.

Little wonder, too, as we have seen to be the case in previous seasons of The Block, it’s showstopper kitchens that sell houses time and again.

Perfectly practical

This week’s all-important room reveals on The Block 2020 prove that on-the-boil kitchen design is as much about functionality and performance as it is high style.

Block 2018 winners Hayden and Sara firmly believe practicality must claim top priority in the hub of the home.

“Everything in the kitchen really needs to be functional, from the flooring to the benchtop, to the lighting, to even the plaster on the walls,” the pair agree. “Instead of picking marble for the benchtop, choose an engineered stone. Instead of using standard Gyprock [for the walls], go for Gyprock Superchek.”

This is particularly important, advise Hayden and Sara, if you have a growing family. For higher-traffic and hardworking areas such as the kitchen and the pantry, Gyprock heavy-duty Superchek™ plasterboard for walls, and lightweight but robust Supaceil™ plasterboard for ceilings – along with CSR Bradford insulation – offers greater protection and peace of mind.

“We have kids, and they kick, throw their toys and even their food at the walls,” say Hayden and Sara. “It’s way more expensive replacing the wall than investing in a strong product at the beginning.”

Fellow former Blockheads Andy and Deb are in full agreement.

“In the kitchen, use the most durable surfaces and appliances of the best quality you can afford,” the pair say.

Savvy splashback

Whether it’s swathed in eye-catching tiles, gleaming glass or tactile stone, a kitchen splashback carries the potential to be the cherry on top of a stunning cake.

But first things first – select the right base product. With a treated core, face and back, Gyprock Aquachek™ plasterboard is highly resistant to moisture and humidity, making it the ideal wall lining for tiled wet areas such as kitchen splashbacks.

Easy entertainer

Take time when renovating or building to thoroughly research and consider all options for the most important room in the house.

Ensure that your kitchen has ample bench-space and storage, a highly-efficient layout and, of course, fixtures and finishes that are both stylish and designed to withstand everyday use. Above all, the hub of your home should be a warm and welcoming space, whilst reflecting the needs of your family and lifestyle.

Talk to your builder about upgrading your walls and ceilings to Superchek™ and Supaceil™.  Made in Australia for our conditions, it’s available at Gyprock Trade stores and Bunnings nationwide.

Gyprock®  is made in Australia and available at Gyprock®  Trade Stores, Bunnings and Gyprock Specialists


– Written by Jackie Brygel

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