Planning your Reno

The yellow pages always told us to let our fingers do the walking, and while we may not get the big heavy books anymore, the sentiment remains the same. There are dozens of online tools and platforms to consult with before you embark on your renovation project, which can help with inspiration and advice

Design Inspiration Sites

A consistent best performer is The Interior’s Addict, which has the motto ‘style without the snobbery’. Also, Homes to Love works as a nexus point for such publications as House & Garden and belle, serving up the best Australian home design has to offer.

Reece Bathroom Visualiser

A renovation of an old, dated bathroom and starting with a blank canvas (or frame as the case may be) is so incredibly satisfying. But nothing in a bathroom is easily changed once it’s installed, so you want to make sure you’ve got the right design for the space. And it couldn’t be simpler with the Reece Bathroom 3D Visualiser. You put in your room dimensions place any doors or windows in the space then go for your life! Just remember, if your bathroom is on a slab, the drains will have to stay where they are

Reece Bathroom Renovation Tool

Gyprock Cornice Visualiser

Using cornice can open up a whole new design world, and there’s no better way to preview this than with Gyprock’s new Cornice Visualiser. Select from two kinds of home design styles then select the cornice and paint you’d like to see in your renovation.

Gyprock Cornice Visualiser
PGH Style Quiz

PGH Bricks Style Quiz

Not everyone can name their personal style, but most people recognise it when they see it! Understanding your own personal style is an important step when choosing the perfect brick. Start your design and renovation journey with PGH Bricks and take the quiz to find out which style you are! The end result can prove a big help in the next step…

Mood Boards

Get all the samples you can! Wherever your tastes are leading you, get all the different elements together and see how they work with each other. If you’ve got a pretty clear idea about who you’re using paint colour swatches, tile, carpet and wallpaper samples – collect them all. Its like Pokemon Go for renovators!

Out of this process you should emerge with a clear idea about the style, form and function of your renovation spaces, ready to budget them up!

Mood Boards

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