Meet the contestants

Meet The Contestants Of The Block 2020

From a record-breaking number of entries comes five teams ready to tackle the most challenging season of The Block yet!

Five houses. Five decades. But only one team can win the $100,000 grand prize in addition to the difference between the sale and reserve price on auction day.


Jimmy and Tam – Brisbane, QLD

Tam’s great taste and ability to shop on a budget will be a huge advantage, while Jimmy’s on-the-job training as a plumber means he has intimate knowledge of how a worksite operates. “I think that will be an advantage for me, knowing the process of construction,” he says.


Daniel and Jade – Wandearah, SA

Daniel worked as a chippy for 16 years, so he has practical experience. But what will really see them through is their sheer tenacity – and this couple has it in spades. Daniel is incredibly handy, while Jade has a great eye for style.


Harry and Tash – Melbourne, VIC

This incredibly close father/daughter combo is here to win. While they may occasionally disagree, their ability to work well as a team will put them in great stead for the competition. The Block’s first-ever father/daughter combo, they’re going to be great fun to watch.


Sarah and George – Sydney, NSW

George’s considerable experience as an electrician means the couple stand to save stacks of money in the coming weeks. Their easy-going attitudes and ability to laugh at themselves are also qualities that should serve them well during their time on The Block. They’ve previously renovated two properties together.


Luke and Jasmine – Perth, WA

Luke’s experience as a carpenter will come in handy, but as a team, they’re both incredibly driven. And with two small kids, they’re used to surviving on very little sleep.

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