Meet the 2022 Block Contestants!

Tom & Sarah-Jane

Authentic and dynamic are two words that can be used to describe married couple Tom and Sarah-Jane. They have a one-year-old daughter, Cleo, and are doing The Block to give her a better future. Together for seven years and married nearly three, they met at Sarah-Jane’s sister’s wedding. Both admit that since having a child they argue a lot, and we can expect this on The Block. But it never comes from a bad place. “We get our feelings out right there and then, and five minutes later we get over it,” Sarah-Jane said. They are highly organised as a couple and determined to make the most of their Block opportunity. These two realise this is their shot, and they are going to work together well to make their dreams come true.

Ankur & Sharon

Regulars on Melbourne’s glamorous social scene, Ankur and Sharon are the first to admit that a construction site is something very foreign to them. Proud Australians of Indian heritage, they want to be positive role models for their community on this series. Ankur and Sharon admitted to being very nervous in the lead-up to The Block. “We are stressing bullets,” Sharon said. “But hard work we are not scared of.” They are 100 per cent in this experience together, so much so that before The Block 2022 began they signed a “visual contract” via a video to promise that they would look after each other during the experience . . . and not split up.

Dylan & Jenny

Dylan and Jenny are engaged and hope to tie the knot in March next year. They met years ago while working in the Canadian ski resort town of Whistler. Dylan is a builder and Jenny works with him as an apprentice tradie – a first for The Block. A proud female tradie, Jenny wants to show Australia and young girls that the building industry can be a great career for a woman. “When I tell people I am doing my apprenticeship they always say you don’t build, you don’t do anything. But I do – I do everything,” she says.

Omar & Osman

Best mates Omar and Oz are proud family men wanting to make a difference for their kids. For their first few weeks on The Block, the practicing Muslims were observing Ramadan while taking on all the challenges around them. “People will think we are just two boys from Western Sydney who have no taste, but I’m telling you that we are the wow factor The Block is looking for!” Oz said.

Joel & Elle

Joel and Elle are hardly new to the spotlight, both having high-profile public careers. Joel played over 200 AFL games for the Brisbane Lions and Greater Western Sydney Giants, while Elle was one of Australia’s original influencers and currently has nearly 700,000 followers on Instagram. It was lockdown that inspired Joel and Elle to audition for The Block. “Lockdown was hard, and in all honesty The Block got us through it,” Elle said. “It was on four nights a week and I think we really did say, ‘We could do it and it would be fun’.”