Master Ensuite Envy

In the midst of the best bathroom week in Block history, co-winners Luke and Jasmine stood out from the crowd with their unique curved wall. You may not think you can achieve this with fibre cement sheeting, but with Ceminseal boards you can!

This increasingly popular design feature was echoed by the expert plasterwork on the ceiling and round skylight, which really set them apart from the rest of the contestants’ bathrooms. “This exceeds every expectation. This is exceptional” says Neale Whitaker.

A stylistic consistency across all the bathrooms was skylights because there’s no better way to enjoy a skylight than lying in a beautiful bath!

But a lack of bath didn’t hold back Jimmy and Tam from claiming a co-win for their 4th room win overall. The judges were impressed by their clever use of space, choosing to expand their walk-in instead.

So what would you prefer; a bigger ensuite or a bigger walk-in?

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