Space and Styling – Master Bedrooms on The Block

What are the take away’s from the latest round of reveals, which this week were the master bedroom and walk-in wardrobes…

The height of roofness

The most immediately obvious difference between each room this week as ceiling height, starting with Ronnie & Georgia’s cathedral-like raked ceiling stretching a gargantuan six metres tall!

Image 1

On the other end of the spectrum, Josh and Luke took a risk in having their ceilings much lower than other rooms.

Image 2
Image 3

Kirsty and Jesse’s master came in as the in-betweener, featuring pitched skylights atop their sliding doors.

Sound thinking and design

The target market for The Block houses is always families, so the contestants need to be creating a retreat for the parents. After all, they’re the ones buying the place!

image 4

Room to swing a cat – or at the very least a coat.

A master bedroom needs a walk-in robe to match, and this is what let a few of the teams down this week. Mitch and Mark created a well sized walk-in, as Deb says “The wardrobe is a good size. I love that big mirror at the end, that sort of extends the space of the wardrobe.”

Image 5

Josh and Luke secured the win off the back of their palatial walk-in.

Image 6


This proved to be a point of controversy this week, with the potential rule-breaking help of one of the twins’ fiancé who came for a visit and offered a few pointers on how to style the walk-in robe.

Image 7

From here the teams move underground, where they must complete half their basement areas. We can’t wait to see what they each come up with!

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