Master Bedroom and Walk-in-Robe

Cloud nine

The factors that unite to produce a blissful bedroom are as many as they are varied. For, just as it should be, we all have our own delightfully unique vision of the perfect room.

But if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the master bedroom should be our ultimate haven, a serene sanctuary that is much more than simply a sleep zone. And never does this ring truer than during these unprecedented times in which our homes have truly become our hideaways.

As we have already seen on this year’s incredible series of The Block, it is certainly possible to achieve an effective synergy between form and function. Undoubtedly, too, it’s a transformation that begins quite literally within the walls of the home.

And when the time came to line the walls and ceilings of this week’s spectacularly-reimagined master retreats, The Block contestants looked no further than highly durable and sound-resistant Gyprock Superchek™ and Supaceil™.

The Block’s Dan ‘ForeDan’ Reilly, a certified builder who made his debut on the show as a contestant eight years ago with his now-wife Dani, believes Gyprock Superchek™ for walls and ceilings makes perfect sense.

“The benefits are it is acoustically really good, [and] it comes from a recycled product, which is even better, so it’s better for the environment,” he says, adding: “It’s easy to install as well. As we say, schmicko product!”

A quiet life

The verdict is unanimous – a master bedroom infused with a palpable sense of calm is, well, a dream come true. And nothing spells tranquil like a whisper-quiet retreat, one in which sound is not only kept out, but in. With minimal external noise from the street or the rest of the home to disturb us, the sense of comfort and privacy attained from an acoustically insulated room cannot be overstated.  For this reason, the issue of noise transmission should be foremost in mind when it comes to building or renovating.

To help improve the acoustics in the home, and especially in the master bedroom, Gyprock Superchek™ plasterboard – featuring a reinforced core and heavy-duty lining – is an affordable and highly effective solution. Walls lined with Superchek™ take shouts down to whispers.

Walk-in wonder

The beauty is in the hidden detail when it comes to the walls of your home. And that’s certainly the case with a walk-in-wardrobe.

As we have seen on The Block, a walk-in wardrobe boasting plentiful storage and stylish finishes can translate to instant wow factor.

But as one of the more compact and yet higher-traffic areas in the home, this room can be particularly susceptible to everyday knocks and dents. Gyprock Superchek’s™ heavy-duty construction provides a scuff-resistant surface, reducing the impact of day-to-day activities.

Star performer

So, when it comes to the master bedroom, envisage a haven of peace and quiet – a calming retreat that allows us to relax, rest and recharge every day. For that, as we have now all come to realise, is a true indulgence in life.

Talk to your builder when you are renovating or building about upgrading your walls and ceilings to Superchek™ and Supaceil™ and be sure to insulate with

Bradford ™ for optimum sound resistance.  Made in Australia for our conditions, they are available at Gyprock Trade stores and Bunnings nationwide



– Written by Jackie Brygel

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