Hellway Week Strikes Again, but not for all!

Hallway week is the undoing of many a team over the years, but some of this years contestants managed to overcome their past and succeed.

Kirsty & Jesse

H5 Rm9 Hallway _ Laundry Jesse _ Kirsty-015

This week was Hallway week on The Block – nicknamed Hellweek – as the teams tackled the connecting rooms and laundries. However, there was so much to love, especially from winners Kirsty and Jesse, who created a character-filled hallway, beautiful laundry and stunning main bathroom. We loved their use of Gyprock’s decorative cornices and all the Hamptons-style detailing throughout their house. So beautiful!

Josh & Luke

H4 Rm9 Hallway _ Laundry Josh _ Luke-035

Twins Josh and Luke had a tough week, battling illness as well as delays with the excavation of their pool, leading to them not completing all their zones this week. They did, however, take the judges’ remarks into consideration, redesigning last week’s living and dining spaces. We loved their spacious laundry with the dark cabinetry (so much storage!) and can’t wait to see the finished work.

Mitch & Mark

H2 Rm9 Hallway _ Laundry Mitch _ Mark-012

Twins Josh & Luke continue to establish a strong and dramatic look, although we are still deciding what we think about their two feature walls – one of Venetian plaster in the living space plus a navy feature wall in the dining room.  However, we were definitely impressed by the custom-made Christian Cole oak dining table to match their kitchen bench.

Ronnie & Georgia

H1 Rm9 Hallway _ Laundry Ronnie _ Georgia-049

Ronnie and Georgia again showed their experience and classic style. Their light-filled hallway was beautifully considered, showcasing the three original Australian artworks that Georgia commissioned. We loved their second hallway with the steel-framed glass door leading to the bedrooms. The best bit? The fully lined attic, with access via a pull-down ladder. Extra storage is always a winner!

Tanya & Vito

H3 Rm9 Hallway _ Laundry Tanya _ Vito-036

Tanya & Vito love to include both colour and whimsy in their home, which is dividing the judges and may polarise buyers on auction day. However, it was fun to see their home come together with the completion of the hallway, study nook, powder room and laundry. The stunning, black-framed glass door added just the right amount of light to the study – and we loved the teal basin in the powder room and the terrazzo floor in the laundry.