Oh the serenity….

Paint is one of the best ways to update a house – a new colour palette throughout is not only cost-effective, but a fast way to change your interiors.

And, of course, CSR Gyprock® walls are so practical – they can be painted over and over again every time you want (or need) a fresh start. Preparation is simple – see our step-by-step guide on how to get your walls ready for painting.

So what colours should you consider if you want a fresh look for your interiors? Calm tones and a muted palette seem to be the consensus from designers and trend forecasters when specifying post-pandemic schemes.

Connection with nature

After two years of COVID-19 and its accompanying sense of uncertainty, paint company Wattyl has predicted a widespread desire by homeowners to seek a connection with nature for their homes. A grounding in more ways than one.

Trend forecasters are identifying a demand for soothing colours and softer tones in our homes, and Wattyl’s response is to “create an oasis of wellness”, developing four palettes of natural, feel-good colours that it calls The New Normal.

Within all this, there is also a growing international architectural movement focusing on biophilic design (which is the practice of connecting people and nature within built environments), allowing designs to take cues from natural palettes, such as green spaces, timber and earth.

Photo: Wattyl Australia
Image: Wattyl Australia

The palettes

Wattyl’s first palette is called Return to Simplicity, which features pale blue hues balanced with whites, off-whites and soft beige tones to create a sense of simplicity and peace.

The second palette is Local Comfort, which is all about warm neutrals in ivory, greiges (grey/beige) and browns, creating a cocooning effect.

The third palette, Resilient Optimism, is bolder, with uplifting, yellow-based colours and nostalgic references.

The fourth and final collection is called Conscious Connection, with green-infused colours inspired by nature, again harking back to the eco-conscious demands of consumers.

If you choose the palette that most resonates with you and your style, you can update your home in no time.

Indoor/outdoor living

Australian families have always had an affinity with their backyard spaces, and in recent years have embraced the concept of connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces, often with the use of colour.

Many open-plan living spaces flow to outdoor kitchens and back decks, while al fresco areas are a standard inclusion with many volume home builders. When painting these areas, consider extending the interior colour palette outside to create a cohesive design and a free-flowing connection between these spaces.

Photo: Wattyl Australia

Touches of colour

For homeowners not wanting to repaint their whole house, it’s worth looking at perhaps a feature wall, or perhaps a bedroom, to create the sense of calm before you embrace new colour everywhere.

Choose a palette that complements your current home, layering the newer shades on existing tones. You could even consider adding soft colour to ceilings, creating a cocooning effect with the fresh look to a room. This can be really effective in smaller spaces, such as a powder room.

Another option is to use wallpaper (easy to apply over fresh Gyprock walls), for softness and decorative effect. Consider soft florals or perhaps botanicals to complement a nature-inspired interior.


Set up a moodboard with your favourite colours, start preparing the surfaces and get ready for change!

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