Home Theatre Fest!

In a Block first, every house this year has a basement and with no plans, it was up to each team to decide how they’re going to use their massive basement space to add value to their home.

Four out of five teams chose to make the first section of their basement a home theatre, with a variety of styles and formats put in display.

Kirsty and Jesse won the day with their simple but elegant classic cinema, featuring an exceptional coffered ceiling created with Gyprock Supaceil.

Kirsty & Jesse Home Theatre

Tanya and Vito had the biggest area by far, with Neale commenting that he’d been in actual cinemas which were smaller!

Tanya & Vito Home Theatre

Josh and Luke put themselves at a disadvantage by taking the instruction to do half their basement too literally, with half their basement still resembling a construction site.

Josh & Luke Home Theatre

Ronnie and Georgia had a stunning starry night sky ceiling but were let down by poor acoustics.

Ronnie & Georgia Home Theatre

Mitch and Mark went another direction entirely, turning the first part of their basement into a steam room, adding bespoke luxury to their already beautiful home.

Mitch & Mark Steam Room