Hitting the En-Suite Spot

H4 Rm5 Bathroom Josh _ Luke-032

Josh & Luke

The twins’ game changer was just that this week, scoring the highest points from the judges on the back of their outdoor bath oasis. Judge Darren Palmer commented on the Japanese aesthetic, making sure to note the burnt timber board cladding. But it wasn’t timber at all! It was Territory Woodlands Ebony fibre cement cladding by Cemintel.

H1 Rm5 Bathroom Ronnie _ Georgia-007

Ronnie & Georgia

With the help of their challenge win gnome, the Perth renovators took home with win for their neutral yet stylish bathroom, featuring the vertiginous ceiling we’ve come to expect from their rooms.

H2 Rm5 Bathroom Mitch _ Mark-011

Mitch & Mark

It was another misstep from the Block favs, suffering a major setback due to a dysfunctional layout prioritising shower space to fit in their double shower as well as a mammoth shower screen.

H3 Rm5 Bathroom Tanya _ Vito-010

Tanya & Vito

It was always going to be a case of love it or hate it with the 1970’s brown tiles in the bathroom, and the true proof will come when buyers see it on auction day!

H5 Rm5 Bathroom Kirsty _ Jesse-019

Kirsty and Jesse

The country couple is becoming the little engine that could, eking out progress on their styling with every room and this week was no exception. The judges were pleased the kitsch of the first bathroom was absent, with just a few functional issues to address.