Greg Natale shares his secrets for the perfect ceiling design

In 2021, the ceiling will perform as an essential element in interior design. “When I’m designing a space, the walls and ceilings are among my first considerations,” says Greg Natale. “They’re an essential layer of the architecture, and a wonderful way of introducing pattern into the framework of a room, helping to define its look and add interest and drama. Panelling, coffers and cornices are beautiful design tools that showcase how moulding can transform a space.”

“An example of this, is a project of mine in Western Sydney with strikingly large proportions that could handle grand gestures. I introduced Gyprock panelling to the white ceilings in the large living areas to add geometric lines but also to help tame the vast expanse of ceiling. The lines break up the space and visually bring the ceilings closer for a more welcoming feel.”

In the house’s impressive monochromatic entrance, which also features a double curved staircase, round ceiling coffers were introduced, echoing the shapes in the chandeliers that hang from them and the circular rug and table that sit beneath. “It’s about treating your ceilings as part of the design to create a cohesive look,” says Greg.

Cornices can play a key part in ceiling design – and they don’t always need to be white,” says Greg. “In one of my projects, I painted the cornices black, which not only works to curb the large proportions but also to dramatically define and outline the space. I know people are hesitant to outline rooms, but this can work just as effectively in smaller spaces, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms of this house, where painting the cornices black added beautiful definition.”

Cornices can also play an important role through their subtlety and can be set with ceilings for a smooth, seamless look. Simple cornicing can also act as a foundation to highlight the interior features like bespoke joinery, textures, paint colours, timber flooring, beautiful lighting and furnishings.

From contemporary  with clean lines, timeless classic or smooth curves, Gyprock offers a range of cornice profiles to complement interior design elements while defining the room and suiting a home’s style.

Gyprock has just launched the new Gyprock Living Simple to Stunning magazine with ceiling design tips to show how elevated design thinking coupled with great craftsmanship can take a basic building material like Gyprock and shape them into timeless, sophisticated architecture.

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