Curve Appeal

At Gyprock, we love curves. Indeed, one of the real benefits of plaster is that it can be shaped to suit a variety of interior design styles. Curves have become the design trend of the year – and perhaps even the decade – it is not surprising that the new Three Birds Dream home with Rawson Homes includes soft, rounded shapes throughout the build.

There are curves in the kitchen, curves in the bathroom and curvaceous furniture choices in almost every room.

However, while the curves in the kitchen and the main bathroom are gentler and more subtle, it is the main staircase near the entry that is the real wow factor in the new home.

Created using Gyprock Flexible on a timber frame, the spectacular ribbon staircase connects the two floors and is a decadent example of how using plasterboard has allowed the Three Birds vision to become a reality.

According to Lana Taylor of Three Birds Renovations, the gorgeous curve looks like it’s suspended in mid air.

“Because the Gyprock Flexible boards are so thin, we are able to bend it this way,” she says. “It really can take your home from simple to stunning.”

Custom made and crafted by specialist plasterers Brancato and Sons, the staircase was a challenging, yet rewarding project. John Paul Brancato says staircases such as these are a rare inclusion in a modern project home as they are usually only found in high-end architectural builds.

Brancato is a second-generation plasterer and one of Rawson Homes’ main plasterers, exclusively using CSR Gyprock on all his jobs.

He mostly works with volume builders and says he hasn’t seen a lot of curved staircases in that sector, which is why the Three Birds home is a real point of difference and an exciting project for Rawson Homes. He enjoyed the experience and loves the end result.

“We’ve done thousands of homes since 1996 and we haven’t done a lot of curved staircases,” he says. “They are definitely usually found in high-end custom homes because they can be a really expensive item and quite time-consuming.”

He says that the staircase is just one of the unique elements of this new design that will appeal to new homeowners looking to upscale their knockdown/rebuild project.

It’s a great example of how craftsmanship can shape a basic building material into a modern masterpiece.

Lana Taylor agrees. “The entry of this home is amazing,” she says, during her walkthrough of the finished house. “Look at this staircase and the curves. This is a major feature in our home. You don’t see many staircases in homes like this.”

Three Birds have used Gyprock in all their projects and were keen to embrace all the possibilities of the material with this latest home design.

“When you into the entry foyer of this home, you are really presented with two key features of the home,” adds the Three Birds’ Erin Cayless. “It’s the beautiful woodcut timber flooring and the spectacular staircase. The idea is that you walk into the house through those two glass doors and those two features really do take your breath away.”

“This staircase that we have decided to go with is nothing like we have done before and it’s probably the one feature in the home that sets itself apart. We haven’t done a curved staircase before, but we have certainly done statement staircases and the house called for that.”

Can’t get enough of the Rawson Birds House?

Watch the video where Lana takes us through her favourite parts of their latest house.

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