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The most important aspect of choosing colours is to introduce various subtle details that will give a bit more character to a space. In 2021 we’ll see colours continue to be inspired by nature and natural materials such as wood, glass, stone and metal, as well as plant life. Neutral colours will never go out of style. Blushing peaches and soft pistachios will complement our love for natural, organic materials and are ideal to design more intimate and welcoming environments.

Navy prevails as the 2021 interior design trend colour and brings a sophisticated masculinity to a room.  Whether it’s a feature wall, furnishings or accessories, this colour says luxury.    

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The future of the home is open-plan living with the possibility to have multi-functional rooms. With more and more people working from home, the need to adapt accordingly has never been more important, so in 2021, expect to see designers find new ways to integrate clever working areas into designs.

Adding definition and a unique architectural dimension to delineate space, with differing ceiling heights, a raked ceiling or bulkheads helps create visual interest and are practical ways to give direction to the free flow of an open plan space or create a new look for an existing home. With clever design and detailing you can easily add a WOW factor to a simple space.

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KWD Beechwood 46

Gyprock has just launched the new Gyprock Living Simple to Stunning magazine with design tips to show how elevated design thinking coupled with great craftsmanship can take a basic building material like Gyprock and shape them into timeless, sophisticated architecture.

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