The Block 2021 – Guest Bedrooms

With the first rooms of The Block 2021 revealed and judged, Favs Ronnie and Georgia have banked an early lead while other favs Mitch and Mark came dead last. With the fans providing the filling in between, this is anybody’s game at this point.

Here are some of Gyprock Living’s highlights from the Guest Bedrooms;

Ronnie & Georgia – Extra height up to amazing skylights!

If you want to know why this was the winning room, just look up! The skylights embedded within the raked ceilings add space which was found to be lacking in other rooms.

Ronnie and Georgia

Mitch & Mark – Desk nook with bulkhead lighting

It wasn’t the best week for Mitch and Mark, but we loved this little desk nook which features and all to often overlooked feature when it comes to desks – a light directly above!

Mitch and Mark

Tanya & Vito – Bedhead-custom-storage shelf

Custom bedheads are fast becoming a popular way of adding a bespoke touch to a room and Tanya and Vito took it one step further, fashioning a room-width shelf atop their beautiful bedhead

Tanya and Vito

Luke & Josh – Using a mirror to create a sense of space

Placed next to their sumptuous velvet feature wall, a floor to ceiling mirror helps to open up the room, giving a sense of depth and length.

Josh and Luke

Kirsty & Jesse – Amazing Gyprock features!

We’ve said it before that curves and arches are back and this proves it! The way the arched doorway works with the Gyprock Concerto cornice is a beautiful design detail. These elements in conjunction with one another instil a feeling of grace and elegance to the room, complementing the blue wainscotting

Kirsty and Jesse

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