Top 3 Trends of The Block 2020!

Top 3 Trends of The Block 2020!

In dealing with five different eras, the contestants all realised different design visions for their homes. But a few trends stood out across the houses, which are easy to incorporate into your build


Luke and Jasmin dubbed theirs the House of Curves with their bathroom and kitchen walls as well as the island bench in the kitchen. But nearly every other home featured curves in one of the rooms. Sarah and George curved the stone of their kitchen bench while Daniel and Jade’s showstopping living dining area featured a curved wall. This was easily achieved with Gyprock Flexible plasterboard, so don’t be shy about asking your builder to realise something similar with Gyprock.

Let the sunshine in!

Modern houses are built much closer to the boundaries of their lots than ever before, which can present a challenge when it comes to getting natural light into your living areas and bedrooms. Which is why you can put a window in the fifth wall! The houses on the Block did this, installing a plethora of skylights in the ceiling of nearly every room.

Vintage with a Modern Twist

Vintage doesn’t need to mean decrepit, as proven by the stunning period features use throughout the front sections of the houses. Decorative cornice, ceiling roses and panels from Gyprock helped recreate period features with modern building materials. This was in stark contrast with the cutting-edge technology found in the houses such as facial recognition locks, retractable ducted vacuum, and of course the Tesla batteries in every garage.

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