Bedrooms and Redos

Versatility was the name of the game this week, with each team delivering bedrooms of varying design and utility.

H1 Rm6 Bedroom Ronnie _ Georgia-013

Ronnie & Georgia

The seemingly perpetual winners delivered another subtle yet stylish room this week, featuring their trademark high ceilings and muted neutral colour palette.

H3 Rm6 Bedroom Tanya _ Vito-022

Tanya & Vito

Also pursuing a kid’s room aesthetic, but much more set in stone (so to speak) they managed to deftly incorporate their challenge piece in a way that felt whimsical and fun.

H4 Rm6 Bedroom Josh _ Luke-020

Josh and Luke

Its either feast or famine with the twins and this week they copped another drubbing from the judges over their muddled design choices. Our highlight though was the beautiful bay window seat.

H5 Rm6 Bedroom Kirsty _ Jesse-011

Kirsty and Jesse

Spacious, bright and full of charm, the country couple served up a kids bedroom that can easily be adapted into something else if needs be. And you can never have too much Dolly!

H2 Rm6 Bedroom Mitch _ Mark-018

Mitch & Mark

In creating their first kids’ bedroom, the Sydney duo gave the judges a purposeful yet flexible space with an abundance of light and colour.

H5 Rm6 Redo Bedroom Kirsty _ Jesse-005

This week was also a re-do room week and our favourites have got to be Kirsty and Jesse reimagining their first bedroom, turning it into what Neale felt was a potential week 1 winner.

H3 Rm6 Redo Bathroom Tanya _ Vito-011

And what a relief it was for Tanya and Vito to cover over their divisive 1970s bathroom tile, preserving their real estate appeal.