Bathroom Reno with Harry and Tash!

Harry and Tash from The Block 2020 season bring an antiquated bathroom into the 21st century with the help of Gyprock Aquachek.

Harry’s parents’ house was built back in the 1960s and hasn’t been updated in that time. With his mother a bit older now the old bathroom just didn’t meet her needs.

“It hadn’t been touched in years and had an extremely poor layout, bad ventilation and was poorly constructed originally” Tash explains, “so it was time to pull it apart and create a more functional and beautiful bathroom.”

This involved re-jigging the floor plan by removing the bath and extending the shower across the back wall, also eliminating any need to step up or down to get into or out of the shower.

The father-daughter duo from The Block 2020 put their renovation experience to good use, utilising the relationship they developed with CSR to seek out materials and advice on how best to realise their design vision.

When fully renovating a bathroom, it’s an excellent opportunity to upgrade the wall linings, giving you peace of mind that the bathroom will stand for another 50 years. On the walls and ceilings, Harry and Tash used Gyprock Aquachek, which is specially manufactured to be resistant to moisture and humidity without compromising integrity. “We also applied Gyprock stud adhesive and collated screws for extra stability as the plan was to tile to the ceiling.”

This is in addition to replacing the floor, “we used Cemintel’s constructor floor which was simple to lay ourselves with the tongue and grooves slotting easily into place and gave an extremely sturdy base for our tiles.”

And the finished product couldn’t be better, with a spacious shower and functional layout including creature comforts like underfloor heating.

“We wanted the bathroom to feel larger, have an abundance of light (which it was severely lacking) and feel warm and inviting and we definitely feel that we achieved just that.”

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