Basic Building Materials and Tiny Tweaks Making Spaces Beautiful

Want to add some jaw dropping wow factor to your home?


When we think of making an impact in our spaces our minds can often wander to all sorts of extravagant additions that can blow the budget really quickly but it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive items that make a room unforgettable.


The most basic building materials can be used in new ways to create a visual feast. Walls are often forgotten about and are just there to hold the roof up and hang your art on right? Wrong!

Walls provide perfect opportunity to add interest to a room. You have to build a wall anyway so why not inject some innovative ideas into your planning at the very beginning and make the walls the stars!


As we’ve seen on The Block 2020 curves are making their mark and we are loving seeing how the teams are softening their spaces with beautiful organic curves. From arch mirrors and bed heads to walls and kitchen islands, curves are popping up everywhere.

It is as simple as using Gyprock flexible plasterboard to make a gorgeous organic shape in your walls but why stop there?

You could also add curves to your bulkhead, niches, round off all the hard corners in your home for beautiful subtle detail or add an arch doorway or inset into your space. We also love a slight curve on the top of a glass shower screen instead of a hard square corner, subtle and soft.

It is limitless and exciting to think about how many areas in your home you can add some wow factor too.

Don’t forget to chat to your builder early about your ideas so you can work together from the planning stage to achieve the look you want

We absolutely loved the curved wall in Daniel & Jades living room on The Block.

We thought it added a luxurious look to the dining room. A thoughtful choice and really great planning.

I spoke to Jade from The Block 2020 recently and got her view on that beautiful wall in their living room. Here is what she had to say.

JADE: Our curved wall was inspired by nature, we wanted to bring elements of outside inside to create a warm relaxing room, that when paired with our bespoke island bench it would feel like you were being hugged within its curves.  We wanted our wall to be a unique design which was not only stunning to look at but practical as well.  We love that it divides both the living and dining rooms seamlessly and is a stunning piece of art.  It was so nice to work with amazing trades and product to be able to create something we are all so proud of.



– Written by Deb and Andy Saunders

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