Beautiful Back Gardens

Beautiful Back Gardens 

From Hobart to Darwin, Perth to Melbourne, Australians love outdoor living and we build houses with spaces to accommodate this. For the first time, every house on The Block this year has a pool leaving it up to the contestants to decide how to finish their pools and the surrounding areas.

Melbourne can famously experience four seasons in a day, so the Blockheads adorned their outdoor areas with a variety of features to keep them either cool or warm. From Daniel and Jade’s outdoor fan to Sarah and George’s over-table heater, the backyards are ready for whatever Melbourne’s weather has to throw at them. All the teams bar one made sure there was an undercover area featuring heating elements, ensuring their outdoor spaces are usable year-round.

Luke and Jasmine wanted a coastal feel for their pool area and so clad the walls of their mini-cabana with Riverbed Sand sheeting from the Cemintel Territory range. This durable, easy to install product brought the warmth and brightness of the sandy shores of Brighton beach right into their backyard.

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