Ahead of the curve

The latest season of The Block has seen a lot of curvaceous shapes – in archways throughout House 5 (Kirsty and Jesse’s), in skylights (Tanya and Vito’s), and coffee tables and sofas (Mitch and Mark’s).

Totally on trend and a clever way to soften the hard edges of new builds to make them more welcoming and relaxed, curves are being introduced back into homes after years of square finishes.


However, the curves on The Block that stole the show were definitely in the spectacular plaster staircase designed by Ronnie and Georgia to connect their basement to their upper levels. This was a showstopper, created by master plasterers Somerville Plaster using Gyprock Flexible and providing just the right amount of understated elegance.

Ronnie and Georgia relied on a subdued and minimalistic palette throughout their home, using texture and sculptural forms to create interest, which is why the staircase was so impressive. Its soft curves brought an elegance to what was essentially a functional element and created a soft connection between the living areas and basement.


The couple created a luxurious underground space, including a home theatre as well as wine cellar – great additions to what will be a multi-million-dollar home when it comes to auction day.

Plasterboard is ideal for curves as it can be easily moulded into shapes, especially Gyprock Flexible, which has been designed to adapt to soft, fluid forms because of its enhanced gypsum core.

Interior designer and host of The Blockcast with Jono Fleming, Jono Fleming, raved about the staircase, saying the couple “knocked it out of the park” with their design.

“This is a space that so often gets forgotten about on the show, but they’ve taken it to the next level and made it a sculptural centrepiece in their home,” says Jono.

“We’re seeing more and more attention put into these types of stairwells, not only from a form perspective with the soft, attractive curves to lead the eye upwards, but from a functional viewpoint too.”

He points out that curves in a staircase are not just beautiful, they are practical too.

“The footprint of a ribbon staircase is considerably less than a regular square set so you have more floorspace to play with in your home without sacrificing any functionality,” he points out. “The smooth curve is such an inviting form and it adds a level of finesse and finish to this corner of the room.”

Jono agrees that the rounded shapes seen on The Block this season reflect a growing trend within the wider design community.

“There’s been a huge rise in curves in the home in the last few years, from chunky, chubby boucle furniture to curved joinery and arched doorways,” he says.

“These curves create a sense of safety and protection in the home and are the next extension of this trend. With the minimal use of finishes and materials, these aren’t going to date any time soon. This is a dream feature to have in any luxury home.”


Designed to impress, Gyprock Flexible 6.5mm plasterboard enables specifiers, designers and installers to easily create curved walls and ceilings and add visual interest to a space. Gyprock Flexible has an enhanced gypsum core, designed to bend for small radius curves. From concept to creation, designers and installers can create convex curves with a 250mm radius and concave curves with a 450mm radius.